MORTEN LUND Founder, Hippocorn 

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lund has founded or co-invested in more than 200 high-tech startups in the last 15years, including Skype,Tradeshift, Airhelp, Zecco, Polar Rose(Facial recognition sold to Apple), Maxthon, Bullguard, Tradeshift, AirHelp and HippoCorn.

His most notable investment was Skype. It's said that he put the first money into the idea - and made millions when it was bought by e-Bay for $2.6 billion in 2005.

Not long after that he invested much of his personal money from the sale of Skype, into a free newspaper venture,"Nyhedsaviesen". But when that venture failed he was declared bankrupt in January 2009. Through sheer grit and hard work. he managed to make it back from bankruptcy by April 2010, which was something of a personal journey to re-establish his reputation.

Lund has invested in a wide range of sectors spanning the internet, telecommunicatons, health, fintech and alternative enegry industries.


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